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Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Black Forest Defence
Previous Affiliation Nine Dragons High School
Occupation Porter
Previous Occupation Janitor
Personal Status
Status Alive
Martial Arts
Rank Practitioner
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 16 (The Breaker)
Chapter 130 (NW)

Alex is a driver and pilot working for the Black Forest Defence. He was sent to the Nine Dragons High School where he worked as a janitor and provides assistance to Shi-Ho and Goomoonryong.


Alex has the frame of a slim teenager and has braided hair and earrings.


He has a huge crush on Shi-Ho Lee and gets tricked easily into doing things that she wants. He is also said to be cowardly and is initially quite reluctant to have anything to do with Goomoonryong and the Torrent Clan. He tends to mix English and Korean when speaking and is quite easy-going. He is a transporter with amazing driving skills that are proved when picking up Jang So-Sul and is driving away from a gang.

Alex was shown to be uncarring as he was shown to be happy to know that the Alliance are chasing Shi-Woon despite the time he knew and spent with him since they are not the ones to be chased. However, he was shown to be sad after witnessing the death of Shi-Ho.


The BreakerEdit

Alex first appears at the school driving a Lamborghini, he is regarded as the man that has the driving skills of a god. Alex takes job as janitor in Nine Dragons High School.[1] He stated that he was in love with Shi-Ho Lee, when she is on her dying moments.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

He was shown to be among Goomoonryong and men who went with him to Seoul.[2]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Driving Skills: Alex's driving skills are said to be the best. He is able to expertly drive any type of car, regardless of its model or age, and can even pilot helicopters.

Martial Artist: He is a below average martial artist, as he is unable to cause any damage in the retrivial of So-Sul. He is so weak infact that he disappears for some time which apparently he was in the hospital.


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