Bae Yoonji
Bae Yoonji
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional Info
Occupation Ethics Teacher
Operates in Nine Dragons School
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 2
Part II Chapter 89

Bae Yoonji is a teacher at Nine Dragons High School


Bae Yoonji has long dark hair, and very beautiful woman.


Bae Yoonji is a kind woman, at least when she isn't stood up or her date leaves. When that does happen she gets extremely angry at that person. Sometimes she might even focus her anger on someone else. She doesn't seem to like Chun-Woo when he is being perverted as well. Apparently, she is also quite naive seeing as she is easily fooled and seduced. At her first meeting with Chun-Woo she almost had an "adult conversation" with him while he was trying to flirt with her.


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The BreakerEdit

Volume 1Edit

She sees Chun-Woo Han exiting the teachers' office fleeing the Vice Principal's scolding and stops him to introduce herself saying that she is available to answer any questions Chun-Woo has about the school. She is surprised by Chun-Woo's flirting and is later seen on the roof with Chun-Woo getting intimate. When Shi-Woon Yi gets there without noticing them she flees despite the efforts of Chun-Woo to keep her there. As she goes downstairs she wonders whether she should tell Chun-Woo about the handrails being broken but concludes that she doesn't have to since nothing is going to happen [1].

Chun-Woo later flirts with her again and she plays hard to get but when the argument with the Vice Principal starts she walks away. Later on, she notices Chun-Woo rejoicing perversely and comments on his behavior making Chun-Woo run after her [2]</nowiki>. Chun-Woo flirts with her trying to convince her of his innocence and tries to lure her by stating that he has made a reservation at a French restaurant. She is about to bite the bait but Chun-Woo is taken way by Shi-Woon who requests to talk [3]. When Chun-Woo thinks he has finished his work he intensively tries to take her away to her surprise. However, ones again he is taken away by Vice Principal who forces him to do his work. Later that night Chun-Woo calls her and they arrange a date for the same day [4]. However, she is stood up and is furious with her anger being noticed by the people around her [5].



  • Chun-Woo Han: Although they were dating for a short time, she broke up because of being stood up on their dates.


  • Shi-Ho Lee: Shi-Ho saw her as a rival of Chun-Woo's love.


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