Chapter 28
New Waves
NW Chapter 028
Release Date May 8, 2011
Volume 3
Cover Sera Kang
Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 18
Chapter 27
Chapter 29

Chapter 28 is the 28th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Shi-Woon is told to wait for his opponent from the S.U.C. He thinks about what his master would tell him to do. He quickly comes to the conclusion, he mustn't wait for his opponent but escape on his own, by calling the police. His call didn't went unnoticed and the corpulent security guard opens the door again, to prevent Shi-Woon from calling for help. As he himself started calling his superiors before, he had to cut the call at this point. He stumbles over balls in the storage room, where he held Shi-Woon captive and let Shi-Woon reach outside. He follows Shi-Woon jumping and performing an attack, which he calls Gravity Sphere. Shi-Woon remembers his master and Jang-Il telling him to watch out for his opponents weaknesses, since there can't be anybody having none. He suddenly turns around to counter the security guard's attack. He hits him accurately in the face, hurting himself, but rendering Fattie unconscious. Sera who watched from the side is impressed about the strike.

At a bar two of the leaders of the S.U.C. are seen. The man who received the call stops for a second, watching his phone. The woman wonders what upset him. He replies, that it is nothing, just the call to fattie being cut off and decides to send Chang-ho to hunt down Shi-Woon.



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