Chapter 29
New Waves
NW Chapter 029
Release Date May 14, 2011
Volume 4
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Jang Joonho
Pages 18
Chapter 28
Chapter 30

Chapter 29 is the 29th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Shi-Woon goes to the room of the chairman of the Nine Dragons High School and gets medical treatment from Sera, who comes very close to Shi-Woon during this process. Shi-Woon therefore wonders whether coming to the room is alright.

Sera explains that the chairman was the head of the Mil-Yang Clan before he got defeated by Chun-Woo. Sera explains the incident the day before made it possible, that she became the new head of her clan and she would do anything the Sun-Woo Clan requests, to repay the favour (even running around in an apron). She goes on to explain, that Shi-Woon has to grow stronger to fight the S.U.C.

Outside of the principals office Ji-Woo and another member of the S.U.C. pass by. Chang-ho then kicks his leader out of a room close by. Ji-Woo then comments about the immense killing intent, he sends off.

Some time later, at the entrance to the school. Jang is seen waiting for Shi-Woon, who is already coming, with Sera at his side. Shi-Woon explains that she is the chairman of the school. Jang is surprised to hear that, since he knew the old chairman. Since both of Sera and Jang are part of the Murim Sera lets Shi-Woon in Jang's care.

Jang wants to know about Shi-Woon's connection to the S.U.C. and Shi-Woon remembers about the explanations of the evil doings the S.U.C. performs given by Sera. They are then interrupted by Chang-ho who lies on wait for Shi-Woon. The meeting is overlooked by Ji-Woo who reports to Yong-Hyun. Chang-ho who had heard about Shi-Woon's martial arts training given from Chun-Woo Han says he wants payback.



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