Chapter 2
The Breaker
Chapter 02
Volume 1
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Chapter 2 is the 2nd chapter of The Breaker series.


Shi-Woon is reaching his limits with Chang-ho's bullying while Chun-Woo is dealing with the school's teachers.


The next day Chun-Woo Han yawns in the teachers' office feeling tired and the Principal scolds him for his dressing way which is supposedly unfitting for a teacher. However, the bell rings and Chun-Woo uses the chance to escape. As Chun-Woo walks he is stopped and complimented by Bae Yoonji, the one in charge of ethics, in the corridor. She approaches him asking his connection to Manager Lee and asks him to introduce her while offering to help him if he doesn't know something about the school. Chun-Woo turns the discussion's topic to her saying his is more interested in her and she smiles.

At the same time Shi-Woon Yi is watching them from farther away in the corridor thinking about the incident from the previous night. He is interrupted by Chang-ho's gang who came to take Shi-Woon to him. They take him to the men's restroom where Chang-ho was waiting to receive the amount of money they agreed on. After hitting him Shi-Woon gives the money and Chang-ho leaves with his gang while planning how to use them. The students passing by were looking at Shi-Woon unsure of what to do. While Shi-Woon leaves the restroom, falling in tears, Sae-Hee appears calling out to him. Shi-Woon starts running but she catches up fast and asks what is happening to him. He shouts that this doesn't concern her and while crying he runs away. Sung Hyun appears next to Sae-Hee telling her the rumors about a bullied kid that it must be Shi-Woon. Sae-Hee asks Sung Hyun who is bullying Shi-Woon but she didn't know.

Meanwhile Shi-Woon is running through the corridor while getting angry on himself and his pathetic state and regrets shouting on Sae-Hee.

Chun-Woo has cornered Bae Yoonji and is slowly undresses her on the rooftop and is about to get more aggressive when Shi-Woon bangs the door and startles them. Without having noticed the two teachers, Shi-Woon walks toward the end of the roof and while he prepares himself to commit suicide Bae Yoonji decides to leave ignoring the efforts of Chun-Woo to stay until this all ends so they can continue. Mad at Shi-Woon for destroying his chance Chun-Woo kicks him of the roof. Shi-Woon asks him for help and after Chun-Woo whined about his lost chance he made Shi-Woon promise that he would never try to commit suicide again. After Shi-Woon promised Chun-Woo proceeded to pick him up but the handrails broke and the started falling.

While going down the stairs Yoonji thought that she should probably have warned them about how weak they were but then thought that nothing would happen and continued on her way.

While falling Shi-Woon fainted and Chun-Woo, commenting on Shi-Woon's terrible luck, used this chance to save him with his strength without anyone finding out. After landing safely on a car, he wandered to himself why he save Shi-Woon.

Shi-Woon woke up on a bench and remembered Chun-Woo asking him to never try to commit suicide again and he looked around looking for him. At the same time Chun-Woo was running through the corridor happy that he will be able to freely use the roof from now on while the principal was mourning beside his car which was actually the one Chun-Woo landed on and inevitably destroyed from the impact.



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