Chapter 30
New Waves
NW Chapter 030
Release Date May 20, 2011
Volume 4
Cover Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 20
Chapter 29
Chapter 31

Chapter 30 is the 30th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Shi-Woon faces Chang-ho who wants to show him techniques, which he claims to have learned from the Nine Arts Dragon. He goes on about how he would "take care" of Shi-Woon's friend Sae-Hee. Against Jang's and Ji-Woo's, who was watching at that time, expectations Shi-Woon is not afraid of Chang-ho's threats. Instead Shi-Woon threatens Chang-ho to let Sae-Hee alone. As Chang-ho attacks, Shi-Woon swings his arm to block the strike. Jang interferes pushing Shi-Woon away, safing Shi-Woon from a Soul-Crushing Strike. Chang-ho then remembers seeing Jang before along with So-Chun Hyuk, but he can't remember their names and doesn't know what Murim is, which leaves Jang speechless.

As Chang-ho attacks Jang, Shi-Woon watches from the side, processing what he experienced right before. He comes to the conclusion, that Chang-ho does not use a correct Soul Crushing Strike, but an imitation. He remembers Sera telling him that he alone would be a threat to the S.U.C., since he is the real apprentice of the Nine Arts Dragon. He states to himself, he understands now, what Sera meant and steps forward to face Chang-ho again, saying he will show him the real techniques of the Nine Arts Dragon.

Chang-ho, now angered, attacks him again, targeting the arm Shi-Woon sticks out in a blocking pose. But unexpected for all except Shi-Woon, he got baited in as Shi-Woon performs a Foot Technique and hits him in the face.



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