Chapter 32
New Waves
NW Chapter 032
Release Date June 3, 2011
Volume 4
Cover Sae-Hee
Pages 20
Chapter 31
Chapter 33

Chapter 32 is the 32nd chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



The chapter starts with Chang-ho and the S.U.C. surrounding Seung-Jae's hut. Chang-ho who kicks down the hut, then notices that they are already gone.

Nearby Shi-Woon donated blood in a blood donation car. Seung-Jae takes the blood and gives Shi-Woon a pill. Shi-Woon wants to know whether this will help him recover his Ki-Center. As Seung-Jae is about to explain the pills effects Chang-ho crosses their path. Shi-Woon trusts the effects of the pill and takes it immediately. Afterwards he lectures Chang-ho with confidence and takes a stance to reply to Chang-ho's techniques with the ones he learned from his master. To his dismay Seung-Jae then tells him that the pill will need thirty minutes time, before taking effect. Shi-Woon, who didn't expect this, flees again.

Meanwhile the two captains of the S.U.C. talk about Shi-Woon, who used a foot technique, but is running away again. As Chang-ho who used a car catches up with Shi-Woon he strikes him down with a Soul-Crushing Strike. As some fighter of the S.U.C. enter the cafe Shi-Woon crashed in, they are surprised to see him still alive. Shi-Woon bleeding from his head then raises up, stating how he missed that feeling.



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