Chapter 3
The Breaker
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Volume 1
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
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Chapter 3 is the 3rd chapter of The Breaker series.


The school is in uproar due to Vice Principal's investigating about his car's accident and Shi-Woon has to shake hands with Chang-ho in front of his teacher pretending that bullying is not happening. At the same time a mysterious phone call reaches Chun-Woo.


Shi-Woon Yi walks in the corridor wondering how he survived the fall from the roof without a scratch and notices pieces of glass on him and a broken badge. Then, he hears the principal asking a male student if he show anything to which the surprised man responds that he did not and the vice-principal leaves shouting that how can be that no one saw who was the one who destroyed his car. Shi-Woon still there listens to the students comments on the incident and looks that the broken badge.

Chun-Woo Han tries again to seduce Bae Yoonji who seems to act like the difficult woman and as he goes to suggest they go to the roof he listens to the vice-principal commanding to lock the door to the roof. Chun-Woo protests to which the vice-principal explains the car incident and the rusty handrails. Chun-Woo belittles the car's worth anger the vice-principal who is restrained by another teacher when he attacks Chun-Woo.

Chun-Woo exits the office and receives a phone-call and as he greets the person calling him he refers to him as master. He asks Chun-Woo his opinion on the school and tries to make him see it as the right place to be since Chun-Woo comments that he dislikes it. As he explains to Chu-Woo the problems that occurred he informs him of other people joining him shortly and that the task will last one to three months. The phone call ends with a warning that failure is not forgiven and Chun-Woo walks in the corridor thinking that he must be patient for at least one month.

As he walk holding on the wall the door of the class opens and he accidentally grabs on Sae-Hee's chest. She screams but ensures her teacher that nothing happened. As she walks away Chun-Woo asks her to wait to which she does not react and then Chun-Woo overjoyed reminisces the feeling of touching her chest calling it B-cup. Bae Yoonji sees him and comments on him having pleasure acting mad and starts walking away with Chun-Woo chasing after her trying to explain.

The lesson in Si-Woon's class ends and the teacher asks Shi-Woon who he fought with saying that it was reported to him by a girl. While commanding and answer from Shi-Woon, Chang-ho steps up saying that it was him and that they were settling a score. The teacher then tells them to shake hands and make up to which Shi-Woon hesitated but is forced to act it because he is scared. As the teacher leaves Chang-ho's group is ridiculing Shi-Woon and Chang-ho threatens him that he will find the girl who talked to the teacher.

Shi-Woon gets home where his mother prepares to leave. As she prepares to leave Shi-Woon asks her if he can change schools while denying that anything happened. The discussion is uninterrupted by her boss who was waiting for her and she leaves informing Shi-Woon that she left money for him to buy dinner.

Shi-Woon walks alone into the house, sits on the table and watches the video of Chun-Woo demonstrating his power on some street-thugs.



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