The Four Supernovas (or Four Great New Stars[1] or Four New Stars[2]) are four Martial Artists who are prominent in the Murim world. They are people that rose quickly in the Murim showing commendable abilities and talent. Most people in the Murim have heard of them. Of the four, three have been revealed.

It is unknown just how one becomes a supernova or who decides on and awards the title. The four titles seem to cover the four cardinal points and one color each. And the colours all seem to be coming from the colours of the the Korean flag as three of the revealed colours are from the Korean flag. Whether this has anything to do with the reason why the titles were form as such or not is not specified.

Current Four SupernovasEdit

Name Star Information
Mun-Gi Ma

Northern Black Star (Buk-Huk-Sung)

Mun-Gi is currently the Head of the Torrent Clan.
Gyu-Bum Yi Southern Red Star Gyu Bum is a retainer of the Sun-Woo Clan and previously served the Martial Arts Alliance as the head of various services. Before becoming a member of the Sun-Woo Clan, Gyu Bum belonged to a school that was wiped out the Alliance after they opposed them inspired by the appearance and declarations of the Nine Arts Dragon.
Kwon-Young Western White Star He is one the Five Captains of the Soldiers Under Command. He also has the nickname "Blood Stream"
Unknown Unknown 4th star Yet unseen


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