The following is a list of terms used in The Breaker.

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  • Danju: Head Leader of the Martial Arts Alliance.[3]
  • Dojang: A training place, like a Dojo.[4]



  • Five Protectors (Ho Bup): A group of five martial artists that are part of the Heavenly Way School.
  • Four Supernovas: Four martial artists deemed rising stars of the Murim.


  • Gaju: Leader of Society/School.[5]
  • Gwongyuk: Special art form unique to a particular dojo.[6]
  • Group of Five: Secret organization not directly affiliated with the Murim. The known leaders (Black and Red) are named after colours. The Black Defence Group is negotiating with them, to form an alliance.[7]


  • Hu-Cho: are the name used for the mind games during a fight.[8]
  • Hyul-Do: Is a martial arts style focusing on the pressure points of the body.


  • Jin-Gi Dan: It is a spirit medicine made by the Mil-Yang Clan. It is the improved version of the Evil Medicine (Ma-Hwan Dan).
  • Jangmun/Jangro: Leader or Commander of a School or Clan. See also Jang-Mung Kwon.[5]


  • Ki: Inner energy, used in martial arts.


  • Martial Arts: The main way of fighting in the Murim world.
  • Martial Arts Alliance: A alliance of martial arts schools and clans that govern the Murim.[6]
  • Ma-Hwan Dan: is a pill that improves the quality of ones Ki and enables Non-murim-ins to used high level martial arts.
  • Munju: Faction Leader of a Dojo.[3] Head Master[9]
  • Murim: Term used for the martial arts world as a whole.[10]
  • Murim-in: Is a term used for all individuals that are part of the Murim.





  • Selective Inheritance: "One Person Transmission"; passing on the martial arts to only one disciple, or to a few.[11]
  • Simgichehon: The makeup of a person.
  • Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship): A Murim martial arts tournament.[10]
  • So-Munju: Assistant master of a martial arts school.[11]
  • Spirit Medicine (Dan): Medicines for one's spirit. They come in varied strengths and presumably for different reasons.


  • Tae-Yang-Hyul (Superficial Temporal Artery): It refers to an artery located at the temple.[12]
  • Tai Chi Arts: They are referred to as Legendary Arts. These arts focus on stopping the flow of power enabling the user to redirect any attack towards any direction including towards the attacker. These arts act as the water against the knife as Kang-Sung comments.[13]
  • Ten Grand Masters: It is a title referring to the ten strongest individuals in the Murim.
  • Teul: Teul is referring to a collocation of 24 prescribed movement patterns (Hyeong). Each Hyeong consists of several movements. Teul serve to train movements, enhance concentration and develop a personal martial arts style.[14][5]
  • Three Arts Dragon (Sammoonryong): Someone who mastered three of the nine martial arts presented at the Shinmujengpe. Title attained by Kang-Sung.


  • Yin Body Type (Guumjiche): Is a condition in which the main veins of the body are blocked in several places (from one to nine places), stopping the circulation of Ki. It is believed that curing the disease would give one the ability to master godly techniques, unattainable by humans.


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