Heavenly Way School
Four Protectors
Romanji Chun-Do-Moon
Munju Chundo Head
So-Munju So-Chun Hyuk
Allied Organization Martial Arts Alliance
Specialty 5 Forms of Heaven's Will

Heavenly Way School (Chun-Do-Moon): A martial arts school that is considered the most powerful school in the Martial Arts Alliance. It is considered the pinnacle of wealth, influence, and honor.[1]

It is said the school has produced the most martial arts experts in the Murim and are known to be quite reserved rarely making public appearances.[2]


They are known for following all rules even going so far as their So-Munju not drinking due to his age.



In conjunction with the alliance it almost destroyed the Sun-Woo Clan and they were personally responsible for the death of its former leader Soh.

The BreakerEdit

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Known MembersEdit

Name Title Status
Chundomoon Great Master Former Munju Alive
Chundo Head Current Munju Alive
So-Chun Hyuk Future Munji Alive
Jae-gal Elder Master Deceased
So Jung Chan Commander of S.U.C Deceased
Five Protectors Protectors Active


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