Inner Energy or Ki is the energy within every human which is commonly used in the Murim world as the primary way of fighting. It is also referred to as "Breath" and "Life Force". People that learned how to control and use it created the world of Murim.



Simgichehon being explained to Shi-Woon.


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Simgichehon is the basic composition of a person.There are four parts to it:

  • Sim (Mind) is the ability to think. The use of the brain to send orders to the whole body.
  • Gi (Breath) or Ki is the life force in all creation.
  • Che (Body) is the materials that make up the body. For example, muscle and bones.
  • Hon (Spirit) is the will of a person and desire to achieve something.

These four aspects of the bodies composition are tied with one another and must be in balance. Irregularity in one of them can cause problems in the function of the rest.[1]

Ki FlowsEdit

Natural Ki FlowsEdit

The Ki follows a natural flow throughout the body and is as important as the other three aspects of the body's composition for the appropriate function of the body. An irregular or blocked natural flow can affect the function of the body and cause health problems. The Yin Body Types are an example of blocked flow of the Ki. The blockage cause an unbalanced state and, if not healed, the person cannot control the Ki properly and thus is unable to use martial arts while has health problems at the same time.

In the case of the Black Origin Threshold the natural flow of the Ki is reversed causing the individual to enter an unconscious state where the body moves based on instinct alone using the Ki as guide.

Amount & Use of FlowsEdit

The natural flow consists of more than one flow of Ki and, more accurately, three different flows.[2] The different flows of Ki determine also how heavy the Ki is.[3] The flows of Ki play an important role in the execution of seemingly high-level techniques. In some techniques, like the Fierce Tiger Strike the user must change the flow of Ki in order to execute them.[3] There is also the case where all three Ki flows must be used for the execution of the Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike.[2]



Ki and Ki-CenterEdit

The Ki-Center is located in the abdominal region. It is a point that allows the individual to control the circulation of Ki in the body by affecting its natural flow. Although it is not made of solid matter but from pure energy it is possible for the Ki-Center to break. However, a broken Ki-center does not affect the natural flow of Ki and does not cause problems to the body's function but it renders the individual unable to sense and control Ki.

Broken Ki-CenterEdit

If broken once then there is a special treatment that can bring it back together allowing the individual to control Ki once again. However, if it breaks a second time then the state becomes permanent and treatment is as of yet considered impossible. Normally to identify if the Ki-Center of an individual is broken a certain order of check-ups is required. However, it is also possible to know if an individual has a broken Ki-Center by feeling the pulse. Jang-Il Jeong was seen doing it so it is assumed that someone must be a master on his level.

Size of Ki-CenterEdit

The size of the Ki-center is the same for every person but as the individual trains in the ways of the Ki and increases its amount then the size of the Ki-center will increase as well. The bigger the Ki-center and the amounts of Ki, the stronger the individual is.


When the Ki-center is broken controlling Ki is impossible. Exception to this however is the Ma-Hwan Dan, created by Seung-Jae Bae, and its improved version, the Jin-Gi Dan.


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An individual can learn how to control the Ki through training in the ways of the Ki. The training consists of four steps.

  • The first steps of training focus on breathing exercises that help the person control the flow and circulation of the Ki in the body by learning how to use the Ki-center. The main idea is to gather the Ki to the Ki center and then distribute it evenly to the whole body. This step includes applying circulation and distribution techniques.
  • As the circulation training proceeds the individual will have to start physical exercises in order to keep the Ki and the physical body in balance.
  • The third step involves exerting the Ki to enhance the body's functions and movements. The result is the use of martial arts, increase to a certain level the healing speed, becoming able to see the Ki within the surrounding environment and so on.

After the individual reaches the third step then the three steps are still done simultaneously in a pre-organised training program. With this training a person can reach the level of Master.

  • The fourth and final step of the training focus on surpassing the body's potential. It is also called the highest level of training. An individual widens his bloodstream which has as a result the further increase of the Ki amounts and the size of the Ki-center. The result is that the individual can reach, what is called as, the level of a "Real Master".[4]

(Taking a Spirit Medicine however can distort the order of training while it endangers the practitioners health.)


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Natural PhenomenaEdit

The cases differ depending on which side has the issue, the Body or the Ki. A different issue in one side can have a different impact on the other. Although, this does not only refer to negative issues but also positive issues and impacts.

  • Body -> Ki: The relation between Body and Ki gives the ability to change the Ki by changing the body. One such example is the Final Step of Training where the Ki reserves increase by widening the blood stream.
  • Ki -> Body: The reversed relation is also possible. The Ki and body exist in a balance. This means that a strong Ki needs a strong body to hold it. Issues with the Ki (positive or negative can affect the body. Such examples are theYin Body Types and the Overhaul Rebirth (Hwan Gol Tal Tae).

Martial ArtsEdit

In Martial arts there are techniques, like the Inner Energy Healing[5] that can affect the body by using Ki.


The existence of Ki extents even as far as the Science of Medicine. Clans and Schools focus on controlling the Ki for healing purposes. Others study it further to enhance other factors as well. The most notable are the One Moon School and the Blood & Bone School. Starting by researching the and experimenting on Ki to improve their strength in the Murim they managed to learn the medical uses of Ki as well. Such an exmaple are the Spirit Medicines/Pills (Dan).

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