Iron Body Technique
Iron Body Fist 2
Romanized Cheol-Dong-Gong
School Iron Fist School
Classification Offensive
Type Continuous
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 46

Iron Body Technique (Cheol-Dong-Gong) is a technique of the Iron Fist School and the favored technique of the former Iron Fist School Munju Jae-Myung Cho.



The user most likely gathers most if not all of their Ki to strengthen and harden their bodies with their skin being a notable case that turns it into a dark color. This darken skin effect is likely due to the heightened circulation of Ki that the user uses to activate this technique.


When using this technique the body becomes as hard as "forged steel" and the physical strength is increased dramatically. When Jae-Myung used this technique he was able to punch through reinforced steel and was able to deflect and flip a moving car. The body can withstand physical attacks increasing the user's defence.


Because the technique hardens the user's muscles, their bodies become rigid and thus their speed decreases making it hard for the user to fight against faster opponents (though those that have great mastery can still move faster than normal such as in the case of Jae-Myung Cho). Although the user's body is as hard as steel, their eyes still remain soft human flesh and can be destroyed if targeted. Also it seems that the enhanced defense of the technique is only effective against blunt attacks and physical blows as despite being as hard as steel, the body it can still be pierced by strong and sharp metallic objects.

Known UsersEdit