Jang-Il Jeong
Jang-Il Jeong
Korean 전장일
Romanized Jeonjangil
Nickname Crazy Tiger
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Sun-Woo Clan
Occupation Elder of the Sun-Woo Clan
Personal Status
Student Shi-Woon Yi
Gyu-Bum Yi (Former)
Status Deceased
Martial Arts
School Sun-Woo Clan
Fighting Style Sun-Woo Style
Rank Advanced Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 4 (NW)

Jang-Il Jeong was a Sun-Woo Clan elder who became Shi-Woon Yi's teacher after Chun-Woo Han. Although his goal was originally to stop the fight between Shi-Woon and Ji-Gun Yoo by exhausting him through an extreme training regime, he later warmed up to Shi-Woon after he reminded him of the previous clan head with his determination.


He was a tall, middle-aged man with moustache and beard. He had black hair, which was stylised to fall in front of his forehead.


He was an energetic and emotional person. He seemed to lack patience, which resulted in him getting agitated quickly. He is a very proud individual and quite hot-blooded.



When he tried to stop the head of the Sun-Woo Clan from getting himself in danger. The head would tell him that the role of the head is to protect the clan and its pride.[1]

The Breaker New WavesEdit

The Beginning of a New Legend in the Murim!Edit

When Shi-Woon Yi arrives at the Sun-Woo Clan villa, Jang-Il is stood outside alongside the other clan elders.[2]

As Gyu-Bum Yi introduces Shi-Woon to the Sun-Woo Clan elders, he introduces himself. Proceeding to mock him for his appearance Jae-Kyu Kwon and Kim Sul-Joong interupt him. He asks for Shi-Woon to forgive his rudeness and asks to confirm what needs confirming. When Shi-Woon shows the phoenix medallion to the clan elders they all seem suprised. When Kim confirms to medallion belongs to the clan they all bow their head. He comments the clan will go under. Min Sa-Oak asks for them all to sit down and talk about the future until Shi-Woon refuses and walks away. Kim blames him for saying undeeded stuff Jeong says he doesn't care mentioning Shi-Woon should give up.Sa-Oak says he would have realized what the is clan is about while on his way and asks would Jeong give up the postion if he was in his place. Jeong calls him a brat while Sa-Oak asks Jae-Kyu wether to bring him back. Jae-Kwon says they have matters of their own to deal with and takes his leave with Kim and Sa-Oak.[3]

Into the Depths of the Sun-Woo Clan's Hellish Training, Shi-Woon!!Edit

Arriving for a meeting between the clan elders. He questions the news of the clan head coming the main branch. Jae-Kyu confirms it, and Jeong questions his decision. Jae-Kyu reveals he was attacked by an unkown enemy which suprises him. When Elder Kim speaks of news of the head getting out. Jeong asks him what's with the dire imprectations. Elder Kwon says there's sense in what Elder Kim says which suprises them. Upon Shi-Woon's arrival to their location. He suprised to hear Shi-Woon's request to learn martial arts for a fight. The elders gather together to dicuss his request. As he sugguests making Shi-Woon's opponent dissapear. Elder Kwon says their movements are being noted and if they attack another faction they themselves could become a target. Elder Kim questions about it posing no real problem. As a person with no inner energy couldn't their martial arts in a week. Elder Kwon says he's right and they'll go with that. Returning to Shi-Woon, he says can't learn their martial arts without becoming the clan head. Shi-Woon agrees and he introudces him to Elder Jeon who will be in charge of his training. He tells him they don't have much time and begins moving him.[4]

In a training room with Shi-Woon he mentions his week long training will consist of three things: stamina, physical strength and full-contact sparring. As they begin sparring Shi-Woon goes attack but he counters his movements and mocks his efforts.[5]

Seeing Shi-Woon off before he's driven home. He tells him they took it easy today, but they'll be kicking it up a notch tomorrow. When Elder Kwon asks how is he. He reveals Shi-Woon is skill-wise he's hopeless, but he ties awfully hard. Thanked for his hard work, he says it was nothing asking to leave to it to him to take care of it. He takes his leave for a drink or two. Outisde the next day he's surprissed to see Shi-Woon active. Questioning if his limbs are hurting and if he can stand up on his own. Signaling to speak with Jin-Ie. Inside he questions her on about happend to him, sugguesting she doesn't know. He mentions that Shi-Woon went through an Extreme Endless Training. Questioning his endurance he wonders how he's uneffected. Upon heading over to him he checks his Ki Center. Confirming its broken he believes something isn't right, and that yesterday's training wasn't enough. Observing his training he wonders if he'll find it enjoyable and the end of the day.[6]

At the end of the day when Jin-Ie arrives. He tells her she can take him home now. When Shi-Woon leaves he becomes suprised realising he gots up after he kept knocking him down. The next day he becomes shocked seeing Shi-Woon outside his house. Jeong takes Shi-Woon acompied by Jinie to Seoul Station to see Seung-Jae Bae. He asks him to take a look at Shi-Woon. Bae says it beyond his understanding, he asks isn't he the genius doctor. As he begins to come to a conclusion Jeong asks Shi-Woon to leave them. As he questions what's going on. Bae reveals Shi-Woon is a walking spirit medicine. As he questions how did it end up this this. He tells Bae to wait there as he makes a phone call.[7]

Walking away while on his phone trying to make a call. When Shi-Woon questions where he's going Jeong tells him to stay and don't follow.[1]

While sat down drinking, Gyu-Bum Yi asks if Sh-Woon is skillfull enough to go against Ji-Gun Yoo. He mentions there's no way he'd fall to a guy like him as he did teach him a few techniques yesterday but he'll probaly get beat up badly. Asked why, he mentions Shi-Woon insisted on going. Telling him not to worry as with his recuperative powers even if he gets badly hurts he doubts he'll die. Noticing the time he says it's time for him to head out. As Gyu-Bum reveals Elder Kwon forbade them from doing anything that might reveal them. He claims it's fine and as they have to save the clan head. When his front door opens. Members of the clan are stood outside and reveal their under Elder Kwon's order to bring him back.[8]

S.U.C... a New Power That Defies the Murim World's Order Appears !Edit

In a room with Gyu-Bum Yi, Jeong is stood up making a phone call. Annoyed, he asks why he isn't picking up. Gyu-Bum asks if Elder Kwon caught wind of it and questions if he wasn't against Shi-Woon's fight. He reveals he sent him out there planning to rescue him. If he knew he couldn't do that, he would have never let him go. As he opens the room's door a clan member in the corridoor asks where he's headed. Jeong says he has urgent matters to attend to. He's asked if he's going to ignore Elder Kwon's directive. Jeong tells the clan member to get in touch with him. He's told their on standby as their having trouble contacting him.[9]

When Gyu-Bum says he's used every resource available but the where abouts of elder known are still unknown. Jeong to hell with Elder Kwon's orders or whatever. Gyu-Bum tells him a clash between elders musn't happen and the only reason the clan is stands is beacuse of the elders. Jeong mentions as it stands now, Shi-Woon's gonna die.[10]

When Gyu-Bum reveals to him he sent Ha-Ill Gang and Dae-San Han to Shi-Woon's locaction. He asks why he didn't tell him in the first place. Gyu-Bum asks him to be quiet so they aren't overheared. Mentioning he wasn't going to tell him at first, but he had to since he was so worried and the other elders might reject if those two made a move. Jeong mentions he's right as they're too big to move around quietly. Gyu-Bum says they don't know their opponents but with Jin-Ie Kwon and those two he need not worry.[11]

The S.U.C's Next Prey is Shi-Woon Yi?!Edit

Arriving for a clan elders meeting, he asks Elder Kwon why he incarcerated him. He mentions he summoned him because he was worried about the clan head's fight, and wanted to speak with the one who coached him. Elder Kwon asks did he forget why they decied to teach martial arts to him. Jeong reveals it was to push him over his limit and make him pull out. He's told knowing that, he still sent him to the match and brought about their current situation. He asks Elder Min & Kim to what he's saying. Shocked, being told the clan head seems to passed to away. Jae-Kyu mentions a person with a broken ki center fought against a Murim-in. Annoyed, he says won't believe it and will look for the clan head himseld and leaves the room.[12]

Abilities & TechniquesEdit


Master Martial Artist (Sun-Woo Style): Although, as an elder, he does not count in the five strongest of the Sun-Woo Clan, his strength is confirmed to be in that level.


His techniques revolved around fast movements such as all Sun-Woo Clan masters.

  • Iron Wall Stance: He used this as his basic stance closing the range of the opponents visibility while increasing his own.[9]
  • Ki Body Shield (Ho Shin Gang Ki): A technique that can protect the user from shock waves and impacts. The extent of the protection was never shown but they cannot help him defend from the impact of explosions.[13]
  • Ki Healing: The user transfers his/her own Ki to another person in order to enhance the healing of that person.[13]


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