Kim Sul-Joong
Kim Sul-Joong
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Sun-Woo Clan
Occupation Elder of the Sun-Woo Clan
Personal Status
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Sun-Woo Clan
Fighting Style Sun-Woo Style
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 4 (NW)

Kim Sul-Joong is a member of the council of elders of the Sun-Woo Clan.


He is seen wearing a unichrome white suit and trousers. Along with his straight build this gives him a noble appearance. He has shoulder long dark hair. He needs glasses and has some wrinkles in his face.


He appears to be constantly worried about his surroundings, which makes him nervous if things turn out other than expected. He therefore was seen whispering a lot to Jang-Il Jeong whose lack in patience often would lead to things being unpredictable otherwise. He appears to be a smart character, who comes up with solutions quickly. This helps him keep his calm most of the time, despite his nervousness if he could not foresee things correctly.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

The Beginning of a New Legend in the Murim!Edit

When Shi-Woon Yi arrives at the Sun-Woo Clan villa, Kim Sul-Joong is stood outside alongside the other clan elders.[1]

As Gyu-Bum Yi introduces Shi-Woon to the Sun-Woo Clan elders, he bows his head introducing himself. When Jang-Il Jeong mocks Shi-Woon due to his appearance he and Jae-Kyu Kwon interupt him. When Shi-Woon shows the phoenix medallion to the clan elders they all seem suprised. Asking to view closely, he examines it and confirms it belongs to the clan. They all bow their head. As Jeon comments the clan will go under. Kim asks him to pipe down. Min Sa-Oak asks for them all to sit at down and talk about the future until Shi-Woon refuses and walks away. Blaming Jeong for saying undeeded stuff he says he doesn't care mentioning Shi-Woon should give up. While Sa-Oak asks Jae-Kyu wether to bring him back. Jae-Kwon says they have matters of their own to deal with and takes his leave with Jeong and Sa-Oak.[2]

Into the Depths of the Sun-Woo Clan's Hellish Training, Shi-Woon!!Edit

In a meeting between the clan elders they talk about the return of Shi-Woon Yi to the clan. Saying the timing is a little iffy, other schools have a laid back attutide twoards them when word gets out about their new head, they'll be sure to raise their alarm and questions isn't that the reason they haven't brought him in sooner. Elder Jeong asks him what's with the dire imprectations. Elder Kwon says there's sense in what Elder Kim says which suprises them. Upon Shi-Woon's arrival to their location. He suprised to hear Shi-Woon's request to learn martial arts for a fight. The elders gather together to dicuss his request. Questioning why he suddenly wants to learn martial arts he wonders if it's a sign of his Ki-Center recovering. Elder Min mentions Kim had felt his pulse previously, so shouldn't he know. He questions about it posing no real problem. As a person with no inner energy couldn't their martial arts in a week. Elder Kwon says he's right and they'll go with that. Returning to Shi-Woon, he says can't learn their martial arts without becoming the clan head. Shi-Woon agrees and he introudces him to Elder Jeon who will be in charge of his training.[3]

As the clan elders view Shi-Woon's training he mentions seeing how spirited Elder Jeong is, it seems he wants to finish him off in one day. Elder Min asks Elder Kwon will he observe further. He tells him, no it's enough. They've entrusted with him this, so why don't they attend to their own business.[4]

The S.U.C's Next Prey is Shi-Woon Yi?!Edit

During the elders clan meeting when Elder Kwon mentions Elder Jeong sent Shi-Woon Yi to the match and brought about their current situation. Elder Jeong asks Elder Min & Sul-Joong to what he's saying. Sul-Joong reveals that in the aftermath of the fight, the clan head seems to passed to away. When Elder Jeong walks away annoyed. He asks him to hold on. When Elder Min says they will continue to search for the clan head. They leave the room.[5]


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