Martial Arts Alliance
Martial Art Alliance2
Romanized Yun-hap-mu-dan
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Leader(s) Kang-Sung (Current)
Senior Member(s) So-Chun Hyuk
Te Ul
Jang-Mung Kwon
Affiliation Murim
Artists' Society
North Star School
Iron Fist School
One Moon School
Mil-Yang Clan
Heavenly Maiden School
Strong Dragon School
Song Clan
Torrent Clan
Hogi Clan
Non-Affiliated Schools & Clans
Sun-Woo Clan
Purpose Govern the Clans & Schools

The Martial Arts Alliance is a alliance of martial arts schools and clans that govern the Murim World.




The purpose of this organization is to keep the martial arts schools and clan under control in order to maintain law and order in the Murim world. There are cases where people use the authority given to them by the organization to accomplish their own personal goals, but this is not the purpose of the organization itself.

General OperationEdit


The Martial Arts Alliance had great power and the rules it set were absolute. With the exception of great powers like the Sun-Woo Clan the rest of the Murim were obedient followers of the organizations rules. Although after the appearance of the Nine Arts Dragon during the last Shinmujengpe that power started to disappear.

The BreakerEdit

The base of operation spreads in the whole Murim world and their authority is respected by all clans and schools regardless of whether they are allied to the organization or not. However, clans and schools that hold great power like the Sun-Woo Clan do not seem to be intimidated by their authority.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

During the second part of the series the Organization is portrayed as being heavily weakened due to the events involving the Nine Arts Dragon. Even the allied clans and schools do not seem to be as loyal and obedient to it as in the first part.



The Alliance seems to have taken form in ancient times to avoid conflict with the normal world. As such, the Alliance dictated the laws that order all martial artists to hide their existence to people in normal society.

30 years ago the Martial Arts Alliance nearly destroyed a very dangerous and most detested school within Murim named Blood & Bone School for their Spirit Medicines and other medical techniques that give abnormal abilities and powers.

When Un-Wol achieved the Black Origin Threshold, he was summoned by the elders of the Murim to a meeting to confirm the rumors about the technique. Unable to control himself, Un-Wol killed all the elders that attended the meeting. Their disciples became the new elders and, although the majority wanted his death, at the suggestion of the Alliance's Chief, Un-Wol was banished to live the rest of his life in a cave.

Years later, after Chun-Woo Han wins the Shinmujengpe and takes the title of Nine Arts Dragon, the Alliance elders come to Un-Wol's cave and demanded Chun-Woo be punished. Not wanting this, or to reveal the secrets of the Black Heaven & Earth Technique Un-Wol chose to end his life by ripping his heart from his chest. Chun-Woo witnessed this, and before he escaped swore revenge against the elders for his master's death.

The Alliance elders put a gag order on all those that participated in the Shinmujengpe and deny the existence of Goomoonryong.

The BreakerEdit

Years later, Goomoonryong returned to Seoul and killed an elder of the Martial Arts Alliance. After finding his body, the Martial Arts Alliance started an investigation into the murder and suspected that Goomoonryong was behind it, thus they began to search for him. The cause of death was by a technique called Soul Crushing Strike only a few Murim-in can use this technique.

So-Chun Hyuk is the first sent for the investigation and he comes across Shi-Woon Yi, and later Goomoonryong himself, but remains silent and did not inform the Alliance to protect Shi-Woon. However, The Alliance was informed of a lead to the Nine Dragons High School and later to Shi-Woon starting a chase around Seoul.

The chase ends when Goomoonryong returns to save his disciple and killed the Iron Fist Munju while leaving a message for everyone to wait at the Koa Tower. Battle between Goomoonryong and Former Alliance Chief began so as they meet. The incident escalates when Goomoonryong witnessed the death of Shi-Ho Lee when she was sniped after already being wounded. Enraging Chun-Woo to the point of activating Black Heaven and Earth Technique then begin to attacking and killing two elders and severely injures the Alliance Chief. Weeks later, Kang-Sung was named the new Alliance Chief. Giving the order that the former of Goomoonryong is no longer a member of Murim and should not be touched for the actions of his master.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

The Martial Arts Alliance struggles to maintain peace and order as they undergo tumultuous times. Their influence and power has lose half of they strength no longer the same after the incident with Goomoonryong at the KOA Business tower. Many clans and schools of the Murim no longer follow their rules and they struggle to deal with the rampant S.U.C., as they threaten the peace and stability between the Murim and normal world. As such, the Alliance ask influential figures such as the Heavenly Way School and the Sun-Woo Clan for help, although the latter refuses. 


Name Information
Soldiers Under Command The S.U.C. was a major problem to the Alliance since they claim to be the only disciples of Goomooryong, Since most of the Leaders were killed and several of their Captains defected. S.U.C is essentially a defunct group
Black Forest Defence The Black Forest Defence is the biggest problem of the Alliance and its rival. This is due to the fact that they seek to bring down the wall between the normal world and Murim
Chun-Woo Han Chun-Woo Han is the most dangerous person in the Murim after the former Chief broke his word of freeing his master Un-Wol from his self imprisoned cave and the death of him cause Chun-Woo to become Goomooryong and attack the Alliance. With the goal of destorying the Alliance, Clan, and school belong to them.