Mrs Yi
Mrs Yi
Personal Info
Age Middle Aged
Gender Female
Relatives Shi-Woon Yi (son)
Mr Yi (husband-status unknown)
Status Comatose State
Professional Info
Occupation Director (assumed)
Ex-Occupation Restaurant Chain Manager
Operates in Normal Society
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 3
Part II Chapter 1

Mrs Yi is the assumedly widowed mother of Shi-Woon Yi.


She wears glasses and has her hair tied in a ponytail, she seems to be a chubby woman.


She has shown to be a workaholic indicated by the fact that Shi-Woon is used to being taken care by himself. Despite this it is very easy to see she loved her son greatly. She also stated that the well being of her son is the reason she works hard. Her bond with her son was strengthened in the end of The Breaker Part 1.

In The Breaker: New Waves a little interaction between them was seen. She promised Shi-Woon that she will prepare a feast for them after she get's the promotion and may start her own work. However, due to the S.U.C. attack on her she was left in a coma.


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The BreakerEdit

Volume 1Edit

Due to her being busy with work she left a note and cash at home for Shi-Woon Yi telling him to buy his meal.[1] When Shi-Woon gets home she is on her way to work again. She is asked by Shi-Woon to change schools without any reason to which she comments that there is no need to change schools without a cause. A call from her boss interrupts them and as she leaves she tells Shi-Woon that they will discuss it when she finishes her job. As she closes the door she informs Shi-Woon that she has left money for dinner.[2]

The Breaker New Waves Edit

On the day S.U.C. was causing a scene in the main street, she got caught up in the mess and hit her head. Since this incident she's been unconscious and accommondated in the hospital affiliated to the Mil-Yang Clan.[3]

Later Seung-Jae Bae revealed to Shi-Woon that he let the S.U.C. attack her intentionally. He wanted to get Shioon's blood in exchange for the Spirit Medicine he created. But Shi-Woon didn't come to get more of the Spirit Medicine after their first exchange. That's why Seung-Jae decided to futher increase his hated for S.U.C. by letting them attack his mother, hoping Shi-Woon would than ask him for more Spirit Medicine to be able to fight them.[4]


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