Personal Info
Korean 세 희
Romanized Sehui
Nickname Freshman Queen
Age 16
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional Info
Occupation Student
Operates in Nine Dragons School
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 1
Part II Chapter 2

Sae-Hee is a first year student at the Nine Dragons High School and a childhood friend of Shi-Woon Yi.


Sae-Hee is considered the most beautiful girl in school gain the role of Queen of her year. Sae-Hee has brownish, reddish hair. She is as a tall as an average teenage girl and according to Chun-Woo Han, her bust size is B-cup.


She is a kind and optimistic person. She cares about her friends and is willing to listen to whatever problems they have. According to her she is good at dealing with people's problems. In terms of braveness she is in the average like most people uninvolved with the Murim. Although acting brave at times in order to not let others worry over her. She is able to befriend people easily.


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  • Shi-Woon Yi: They were friends for many years. Although romance has been implied from Shi-Woon's point of view, nothing has been confirmed about Sae-Hee's feelings. Others tease that they're dating. Shi-Woon neither confirms nor denies it (although on one occasion, Shi-Woon is asked if he had a girlfriend and says he did, though this could have simply meant his friend is a girl)[1]
  • Ji-Gun Yoo: They are classmates during the events of The Breaker: New Waves and they are seen together frequently and Shi-Woon worried about them.
  • Sung Hyun: She is her classmate and a good friend as mentioned by Ha-ru and that is why she disguised as her to lure Sae-Hee out.


  • Chang-ho: He once tried to rape her in order to bully Shi-Woon and even tried killing her with a baseball bat.
  • S.U.C: Although she is unware about the Murim, she has been targetted by S.U.C, they kidnapped her because they considered her Shi-Woon's weakness.


  • Jin-Ie Kwon: At least by Jin-Ie, Sae-Hee is considered a rival since Jin-Ie is attracted to Shi-Woon and is jealous of Shi-Woon's attention towards her.


  • I've been following you for a while.  Didn't you notice? - Sae-Hee creeping on Shi-Woon
  • If someone underestimates me they'll be in for some pain.


  • Sae-Hee's name contains the kanji for "World Happiness" in Korean.


  1. The Breaker New Waves Chapter 12


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