Shi-Ho Lee
Shi-Ho Lee
Korean 이시호
Romanized I Siho
Age 24
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Black Forest Defence
Previous Affiliation Heavenly Maiden School
Nine Dragons High School
Previous Occupation Health Education Teacher[1]
Personal Status
Status Alive
Martial Arts
School Heavenly Maiden School
Fighting Style Heavenly Maiden Style
Rank Expert
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 7 (The Breaker)
Chapter 38 (NW)

Shi-Ho Lee was a member of Black Forest Defence and worked for a short time as a nurse at the Nine Dragons High School.


Shi-Ho Lee is a tall woman with long black hair. Her body type, like most female characters in the series, is curvaceous with a big bust and long legs.


Shi-Ho is a very caring and playful woman. She is well aware of how to use her assets as a woman and she loves using these to play around with others. Although she is a martial artist she loves peace, as is seen by her being happy to be at the beach and getting to relax, wishing that more of her life was like that.

She is very thoughtful, as is seen when she says that Shi-Woon's purpose and method are not to be strong and so he does not get overcome by the urge to only get strong, as many other martial artists have. She shows what a caring woman she is when she takes care of Shi-Woon and Lady Sunsoo.

She is a master of manipulation and disguise, and can easily take advantage of people and events to get the results that she desires. This is shown that she was able to steal 3 One Moon Divine Dans and able to convince Lady Sunsoo to stay with the Black Forest Defence for medical treatment. However, she is also shown to be reckless and impulsive, which led to many results and events that she could not predict. This is seen when she fed Shi-Woon the One Moon Divine Dan but underestimated the amount of Ki that it held which almost killed him and later became the catalyst where Chun-Woo decided to teach Shi-Woon the Black Heaven and Earth Technique to her shock.


The BreakerEdit

Though her past is unclear, it is known that she is a member of the Black Forest Defense terrorist group and is a comrade of Goomoonryong. Shortly before coming to the Nine Dragons High School, Shi-Ho stole a valuable spirit medicine called the One Moon Divine Dan. She is sent to Nine Dragons High School where she helps Chun-Woo Han. Wanting to cure Shi-Woon Yi of his weak body, Shi-Ho gives the One Moon Divine Dan to the boy. The spirit medicine causes ridiculously excessive amounts of Ki to flow through Shi-Woon's body. After Shi-Woon's body begins to break down because of the enormous amounts of Ki flowing into his body, Shi-Ho calls Chun-Woo to save Shi-Woon's life by controlling the enormous Ki from the One Moon Divine Dan. However Shi-Ho had underestimated the amount of Ki in the One Moon Divine Dan, where she is shocked to hear that Chun-Woo choose to teach Shi-Woon the legendary Black Heaven and Earth Technique, so Shi-Woon could safely disperse the lethal amount of Ki given off by the One Moon Divine Dan. She had an ex-boyfriend named Hyun Won-Jae who attempts to persuade her to return and stop before her actions are noticed by the Martial Arts Alliance. After being wounded by gunshots while protecting Chun-Woo, she asks him to kiss her. It is implied by dialogue between her assassin and his contractor that the Black Forest Defence were the ones who wanted her dead as a way to fuel Goomoonryong's hatred of the Martial Arts Alliance even more.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Shi-Ho is seen being kept in a comatose state in a special chamber, while Won-Jae Hyun works to resurrect her. It is unclear whether she is alive or that her body is merely being kept intact while Won-Jae tries to bring her back. While Won-Jae was monitoring Shi-Ho's condition there was a response from Shi-Ho thanks to the blood that she was given from Seung-Jae Bae. It was later confirmed that the blood belonged to Shi-Woon. The response was because Shi-Ho absorbed Shi-Woon’s ki and that is why his ki stays in her body. [2]

After Ha-ru returned to Kaiser upon killing So Jung Chan, she reveals that she wasn't able to find Shi-Ho though Kaiser wasn't all that concerned which implies that he wants Shi-Ho as a way to further manipulate Chun-Woo Han. After the announcement made by Kang-Sung to have a battle of supremacy for the young martial artists, Hyun Won-Jae is seen studying Shi-Ho's conditions before she suddenly awoken much to his surprise.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

Expert Martial Artist (Heavenly Maiden Style): Shi-Ho is skilled in administering poisons. She can administer a tranquilizer with a kiss.[3] She is very agile allowing her to effortlessly dodge projectiles and use her surrounding objects to launch her into the air. She is skilled in the use of throwing knives tipped with potentially semi-deadly poison.[4] Her skill in throwing knives allows her to throw them at multiple targets at the same time. In battle, she tends to flow gracefully and move at accelerated speeds.[5] Her speed and agility allow her to dodge and evade oncoming attacks with little effort.[6]

Disguise Expert: Shi-Ho is proficient in using disguise, she was capable of dressing and portraying a man with a skill that even fooled Chun-Woo Han.[7]

Techniques Edit

  • Ki Absorption/Transference: A technique that allows Shi-Ho can absorb and transfer Ki from one person to another. Shi-Ho can promote a form of internal healing by massaging the body of another and absorbing their internal energy. Her skill in this technique is great enough for her to use it in a matter of minutes.[8][9] She can take Ki energy that she has taken from another and transfer it into another.[9][10]



  • Hyun Won-Jae: They used to date but even after they broke up, Won-Jae still loves her. This love seems to reach the level of obsession as after her supposed death, he was shown to be desperate to bring her back. This obsession meant even going so far as making a deal with Seung-Jae Bae, who he learned used to be a former member of the Blood and Bone faction.
  • Chun-Woo Han: She was his comrade as a member of the Black Forest Defence and they were assigned the same mission as teacher and school nurse at Nine Dragons High School. She assisted him when he trained Shi-Woon in martial arts. She had feelings for him from before, thus she became jealous of the relationship Chun-woo and Bae Yoonji had. It was shown later that Chun-Woo also had feelings for her.

Friends & AlliesEdit

  • Shi-Woon Yi: Shi-Ho took care of him many times while he trained under Chun-Woo and she is the one who gave him the One Moon Divine Dan.
  • Jang So-Sul: She was assigned as the one to take care of So-Sul.
  • Alex: He is a friend of hers and an ally in the Black Forest Defence. Shi-Ho sometimes seduced him because he had a crush on her.


  • Ironically, the One Moon Divine Dan that Shi-ho gave to Shi-Woon which nearly killed him (The Breaker) made him a walking spirit medicine and may now be the very thing that saves her from death (The Breaker: New Waves).
  • When she and Chun-Woo meet for the first time in the series he asks if she was sent by Hak Jang Song even though he had recently killed the latter.


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