Soul-Crushing Strike
Soul-Crushing Strike Against Chun-Woo
Korean 쇄혼권
Romanized Sweh-Hon-Gwon
Other Names Bone Crushing Punch
Breaking Spirit Strike
Crushing Spirit Strike
Steel Spirit Strike
Arts Sound of Wind Spirit
Classification Offensive
Type External
Execution Instantaneous
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 7
Part II Chapter 28

Soul-Crushing Strike (쇄혼권; Sweh-Hon-Gwon) is a technique using physical movement and Ki circulation in tandem with each other to create an exceptionally powerful attack.


The Soul-Crushing Strike is a Ki strike intended to deal internal damage.  Most of these techniques are not very strong as their intended targets are weak points such as organs. The Soul-Crushing Strike, however, has been show to be powerful enough to break bones and even a door of reinforced glass.[1].

This juxtaposition of power and control makes it an especially challenging and dangerous technique to master. As such it is said that few people in the present age know how to use the Soul-Crushing Strike and this has proved true as Chun-Woo Han and the Former Alliance Chief are the only natural members of the Murim show that have been able to use it.  Even Chun-Woo was surprised that someone other then himself and Shi-Woon knew how to use this technique.[2][3]

At the precise moment of the fists making impact with its target, the Ki circulation must be properly timed or the attack will fail and the user will feel the burn of improperly released Ki on their fist.[4] This technique can be recognized by the sonic boom it makes when used.[5]

It is characterized by a full extended arm and an explosion of Ki directly in front of the fist.


Lightning StrikeEdit

During his short fight with FattieShi-Woon used the Soul-Crushing Strike without Ki, which he named Lightning Strike. It has been confirmed that the attack was the same as shown in the short flashback of Chun-Woo Han when he taught Shi-Woon the Soul-Crushing Strike. However, due to the lack of Ki in the strike the impact that the hand accepts is greater and the shoulder.[6]

Pseudo Soul-Crushing StrikeEdit

Chang-ho uses a false version of the Soul-Crushing Strike. It looks like the same technique and is therefore used as proof that they are disciples of Gomoonryong. A true disciple and Soul Crusing Strike user like Shi-Woon was able to see through the similarities.  This technique has also been shown to be much weaker than the true technique. Shi-Woon's, Chun-Woo's and the Former Alliance Chief's were able to break apart a reinforced glass door, man sized boulder, and the left hand of Goomoonryong respectively while the Pseudo version has only been shown breaking text books and non-murim-in's arm bones. 


Known UsersEdit


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