Strong Dragon School
Strong Dragon Students
Romanji Gunyongmoon
Allied Organization Martial Arts Alliance
Specialty Sword Skills

Strong Dragon School (Gunyongmoon): Is a Murim school well known for its sword skills.


This school specialises in swordsmanship and has been commented on having a hard to track always changing form. It has categorised sword martial arts by both level and style.

Martial ArtsEdit

There are names depending on the style of sword:[1]
Strong Dragon Sword Arts

Ji-Gun using the Strong Dragon School Sword Arts.

  • Light Style:
  • Medium Style:
  • Soft Style: It involves techniques for use when wielding heavy and large swords. The user of this style can wield such swords seemingly with ease. 
  • Free Style: It follows the idea of taking advantage of every situation. The user is capable of using whatever they hold as a weapon.
  • Swordless Style: It is the pinnacle of all sword styles. The user is capable of using a sword without holding one or anything else that he can use as a sword. The example is Ji-Gun Yoo who could use his own finger as a sword. If not mastered properly (like in Ji-Gun Yoo) the user has a "time limit" for its usage. In that case the user needs to have another weapon in order to keep fighting.


Some time prior to the start of Part 1 Goomoonryong killed the master of this school.


Known MembersEdit




  • After defeating an accomplished member of this school. Jin-Ie Kwon commented that it was nothing special.


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