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Sun-Woo Clan
Sun-Woo Clan.png
Head Lee Shi-Woon
Elders Min Sa-Oak

Kim Seol-Joong
Jeon Jang-Il
Kwon Jae-Kyu

Allied Organization Murim
Specialty High Speed Techniques

Sun-Woo Clan is considered the largest and most powerful clan outside of the Martial Arts Alliance.



Some time in the past the Martial Arts Alliance joined forces with the Heavenly Way Sect and completely defeated the Sun-Woo Clan.[1] Although defeated, the clan did not completely break apart. The clan head, Soh was killed during the battle.[2] His son Jang Gyul would become the new clan head, along with being engaged to Kwon Jae-Kyu's daughter Kwon Hae-Jin . However he broke the engagement with her as he was in love another woman who would give birth to their daughter Jang So-Seol[3]

When So-Sul was born and discovered to have the Nine Yin Body Type condition, some members of the clan argued that keeping her alive will bring ruin to the Sun-Woo Clan. To ensure her safety, her father gave her the Phoenix Medallion and left her in the care of Jung Jipsa.[4] Some time later, So-Sul and Jipsa found themselves under the Former Alliance Chief's control. As long as the cheif kept So-Sul under his protection, he could ask the Sun-Woo Clan to do his bidding.


Phoenix Medallion.

Jipsa was contacted by the Black Forest Defence and convinced to leave So-Sul in their care so that they could find a solution for her condition. After So-Sul is saved by Lee Shi-Woon from the Torrent Clan gang she "gives" him the Phoenix Medallion. With her disappearance this made Shi-Woon the current clan leader.

Although Shi-Woon was not interested in the clan's leadership, some of the clan elders wished to use him as a puppet, to control the clan. After Jeon Jang-Il plead allegiance to Shi-Woon, Kwon Jae-Kyu decided that Shi-Woon had to die, and asked Jin-Ie to kill him.[5] Ironically, he was later accepted to be the leader of the Sun-Woo Clan, doing exactly what his former master did not want.[6]

Phoenix Medallion[]

It's the symbol of the heads authority over the Sun-Woo Clan. The holder of this item is consider the undeniable leader of the clan, but only if the Medallion is given to him with the previous holders own will or is the rightful descendant and thus rightful owner for the position.

It's noted that although the Medallion is very important, it's authority can be ignored as shown by Kwon Jae-Kyu's desire and attempt to kill Shi-Woon. Although, the attempt would occur with utmost secrecy.

Martial Arts[]

Public Info[]

As all other clan's have their own martial arts it is the same for Sun-Woo Clan. Several techniques have been used throughout the series but generally the martial arts of the Sun-Woo clan are not known to many. Hence, many people try to learn about their martial arts by provoking them or by other means. Some people seem to have some knowledge on some techniques or even know how to execute them. One example is Heo Won-Jae, the head of Sun And Moon Sect, who knows how to use Thunder Smashing Strike.

Style Description[]

The martial arts of the Sun-Woo Clan seen so far seem to center around fast and strong strikes focused mainly on hand-strikes while they use high level Manoeuvre Techniques to confuse the enemy further and ensure the landing of the attacks with the least possible opening that would enable the enemy to defend against the attacks or even see them. Specifications on the Manoeuvre Techniques used are not provided but the speed aspect of the Martial Arts has been confirmed by Jae-Gal Woon.[7]


Hand-to-Hand Combat[]

The basic style of the Sun-Woo Clan centers around fast movements and strong strikes.

  • Manoeuvre Techniques: They seem to use Manoeuvre Techniques as a standard movement method regardless of distance between the user and the enemy.
  • Thunder Fist: According to its execution it has different names and variations. It uses Ki to enhance the strike's speed and force.
  • Ascending Blue Dragon Strike: It works like the Thunder Fist (uses Ki to enhance speed and force) but is actually a palm strike while Thunder Fist is a fist strike.
  • Double Dragon Chain Dance (Yeon-Hwan Ssang-Yong-Moo): This technique uses the "speed" aspect of the Sun-Woo Clan's martial arts to lunch multiple strikes to the opponent.
  • Phoenix Wing Whip: Taking advantage of the arms capabilities to use it as a whip moving in high speed.
  • Wind Swallow Kick (Poong Yeon Gak): A devastating flying kick to the head of the opponent that will send them flying.[8]
  • Iron Wall Stance: In order to use Manoeuvre Techniques effectively, lower level Murim-In need a strong defence in order to hold a steady ground. This stance assists in minimizing the opponents field of view thus strengthening the users defence and allowing them to keep their balance.

Weapon-based Combat[]

There are also weapons based martial arts in the Sun-Woo Clan. They also rely on fast movements to ensure a successful hit.

  • Swordsmanship: According to Ha-Ill Sun-Woo clan also has sword martial arts.[9]
  • Lightning Sword: A technique relying on a foothold from above to deliver a fast vertical sword strike.[10]


Sun-Woo Clan
Clan Heads
Shi-Woon Yi Portrait.png Jang So-Sul Portrait.png Jang Gyul Portrait.png Soh Portrait.png
Lee Shi-Woon Jang So-Seol (Former, Defected) Jang Gyul (Former, Deceased) Soh (Former, Deceased)
Jae-Kyu Kwon Portrait.png Jang-Il Jeon Portrait.png Min Sa-Oak Portrait.png Kim Sul-Joong Portrait.png
Kwon Jae-Kyu (Former, Deceased) Jeon Jang-Il (Former, Deceased) Min Sa-Oak Kim Seol-Joong
Yi Gyoo-Bum Portrait.png Han Dae-San Portrait.png Jin-Ie Kwon Portrait.png Kang Ha-Il Portrait.png
Lee Gyoo-Bum Han Dae-San Kwon Ji-Nie Kang Ha-Il
Jung Jispa Portrait.png
Jung Jipsa (Deceased)
Kwon Hae-Jin Portrait.png
Kwon Hae-Jin (Defected, Deceased)


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