Te Ul
Te Ul
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Martial Arts Alliance
Ten Grand Masters
North Star School
Occupation Munju
Personal Status
Status Alive
Martial Arts
School North Star School
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 43 (The Breaker)

Chapter 153 (NW)

Te Ul Munju is one of the Munju of the Martial Arts Alliance and user of the Yong Hyun Gak (Rising Sage Leg) technique. His school held the position of Gakjiryong (Seat of Dragon Leg). He is also one of the Ten Grand Masters of the Murim.


He is a physically fit tall old man and long hair pulled back. He wears a pair of glasses and an elegant white suit.


Te Ul is an calm man who will listen to reason before doing something trivial. However he is not without pride as he was among the three masters that walked out to fight Nine-Arts dragon. He is willing to fight with Elder Kwon showing great confidence and poise. Despite these qualities, Te Ul like many of the other masters of the martial arts alliance and schools is very firm towards the separation of the Murim and normal society. He can be very stubborn which in turn makes him ignore the possible deaths of countless lives from the S.U.C.'s bombs simply because they are not of the Murim. Te Ul even went as far as to justify it by saying that since the targets are not of Murim even if the S.U.C. are of Murim then there is no reason for him to get involved. He was also slightly hypocritical since when he was questioned by Shi-Woon on his honor about this decision, he stubbornly declared that he and everyone else has honor when choosing to not take action against the S.U.C. and their plans is rather dishonorable. After the student of all the schools and clans went to stop the Nine Arts Dragon and S.U.C, like most of the school and clan heads he promised that all of them will be punished for their actions and going against his commands.



He was one of the many Munjus who were present at Un-Wol's death and Chun-Woo Han becoming Goomonryong, the Murim's greatest enemy.

The BreakerEdit

Death Fight...!! A firm commitment for someone special!Edit

He was among the Munjus who discuss Chun-woo's recent appearance. After witnessing the dead body of the Iron Fist headmaster, he, along with Jang-Mung and Yae-Won, confronted the Nine-Arts Dragon in order to prevent the latter from going to the KOA Tower.

At the result of the confrontation, he was wounded by Chun-Woo due to the sudden arrival of Shi-Ho in a car.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Tel Ul along with other members the Martial Arts Alliance Elder Council appear at the Martial Arts Alliance Headquarters to find out Kang-Sung's involvement with the Sun-Woo Clan. After Jae-Kyu Kwon threatens the Elder Council to accept the situation with power, Te Ul tells him there is no need for that, and asks would he like to settle the situation with another one of the Ten Grandmasters, they are then interrupted by the arrival of Ju Sang-Sik.[1]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Real Master Martial Artist (North Star Style): He is an extremely skilled and powerful martial artist to the point of being considered to be one of the ten Grandmasters of the Murim. Chun-Woo Han, the goomoonryong, referred to him as one of the "old monsters" when he and two other elders of the alliance confronted the latter which is furthered testament to his skills. He seemingly was confident enough in his own abilities to take on Elder Kwon of the Sunwoo clan another Grandmaster and win.


  • Rising Sage Leg (Yong-Hyun-Gak): traditionally belonging to the Te-Ul. It involves a kick that creates a whirlwind kind of effect as it sends the opponent flying.[2]


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