Torrent Clan
Torrent Clan
Romaji Gyuk Ryu Pa
Head Mun-Gi Ma
Allied Organization Martial Arts Alliance

The Torrent clan are a group of martial artists that strongly resemble a biker gang. They are led by the Northern Black Star Mun-Gi Ma.


Torrent Clan Attacks

A torrent clan bike attack

While their leader Ma Mun-Gi is an exceptionally strong martial artist who even managed to impressed Goomoonryong, the rest of the clan seems to have little to no martial art talent. 

When Goomoonryong thretens to kill the entire clan in retribution from injuring Shi-Woon Yi Ma Mun-Gi says that they are simply a bunch of boys following his (Mun-Gi's) lead. This may indicate that they have no martial skill as they are not seen using any higher level techniques or doing anything superhuman as many other martial artists shown are. This may be an unfair comparison, however, because many of the Murim we see in the story are the strongest that exist. 

Torrent Clan Defeated

The Torrent Clan: No match for Goomoonryong

Aside from standard martial arts they seem to have some skill at fighting while riding their motorcycles and one is even so good that he is able to meaunever his bike to bring the front wheel down directly on Goomoonryong. While it has no effect on him it would likely have been a devastating attack against a weaker opponent. 

Later in the series they also show some skill at deception as they put together an impromptu rescue operation during the Koa Tower Conflict.