Korean 은월
Romanized Eunwol
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Murim, Martial Arts Alliance
Personal Status
Student Chun-Woo Han
Status Deceased
Martial Arts
School Black Heaven & Earth School
Fighting Style Black Heaven & Earth
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 19 (The Breaker) (flashback)

Un-Wol was the master of Chun-Woo Han and Ryuji. His death is the reason that Chun-Woo is hellbent on destroying the Martial Arts Alliance and the Murim.


Un-Wol was a tall, muscular, and imposing man with long, flowing hair which was tied up at the top. For his outfit, it seems that he wears a very plain white Gi. In his later years, it seems to have grown frayed and unkempt.


After achieving the Black Origin Threshold the Martial Arts Alliance banished him to a life of meditation and solitude in a cave while he tried to figure out a way to solve the problem of this technique. He was always calm and composed and did not hold a grudge against the elders that exiled him. Despite almost never showing emotions, he is very caring as he expelled Ryuji as a disciple and killed himself to protect both Ryuji and Chun-Woo Han respectively.

He is also very moral, as he told off Chun-Woo Han when his student made the wrong choices in using martial arts to hurt others and return when he learn the fear of using power. He also believes that one shouldn't be learning martial arts to control others or for pride and strength should be used to protect what one believes in.



Un-Wol and the Alliance Chief were once students of the same master. Their master had chosen to pass the Black Heaven and Earth Technique to Un-Wol instead of the Alliance Chief. He also instructed Un-Wol to search for a solution to the uncontrolled state of berserk brought on by the Black Origin Threshold.

As he grew up, in both age and martial arts, Un-Wol found his own student and taught him the martial arts of the Black Heaven & Earth School for six years, except for the Black Heaven and Earth Technique.[1]

Years later, Un-Wol learned how to enter the uncontrollable state, the Black Origin Threshold, the highest-existing level of the martial spirit. He was summoned by the elders of the Murim to demonstrate and confirm the rumors about the technique. Unable to control it himself, Un-Wol massacred all the elders that had gone to see his demonstration. Un-Wol was named murderer and his crime was struck from the annals of the Murim. Although the majority wanted his death, at the suggestion of the Martial Alliance Chief, who hoped to one day extort the Black Heaven and Earth Technique from him, Un-Wol was banished to live the rest of his life in a cave in meditation.[2]

Exile and Chun-Woo HanEdit

Before he got punished and sentenced to the cave, he pushed Ryuji away to not drag him down with him even though Ryuji himself wanted to follow him. As Un-Wol drained Ryuji's Ki to immobilize him, so that he wouldn't follow him, he stated that he didn't have the intention of putting Ryuji through the loop of the Black Origin Threshold and left.[1]

Years later, a young Chun-Woo Han would find Un-Wol's cave and begged Un-Wol to teach him martial arts.[3] Un-Wol accepted Chun-Woo Han as his disciple and taught him the Black Heaven and Earth Technique.[4][5]

Sometime much later after Chun-Woo Han entered into and won the Shinmujengpe taking the title of Goomoonryong. The Alliance elders went to Un-Wol's cave having suspected his involvement. When Chun-Woo Han shows up and confirms the elders' suspicions, they stated the offense Un-Wol committed by taking on a disciple while under solitary exile. The offense is made even worse than the disciple insulted the entire Murim at the Shinmujengpe. Chun-Woo argued with the elders over winning the tournament asking that the elders give him the wish promised and allow Un-Wol to leave the cave. The Alliance Chief simply states they made no such promise and intends to cover up such a thought with affirming the Murim will go along with whatever choice the Munju's make. Enraged Chun-Woo lashes out at the elders and is promptly attacked by Jae-Myung Cho, the Iron Fist Munju.

Death and LegacyEdit

Before Jae-Myung Cho can kill Chun-Woo Han, Un-Wol leaves the cave unnoticed grabbing Jae-Myung Cho's wrist and throwing him a great distance away. The Alliance Chief then scolded him for daring to leave the cave as well as he reminded him of the punishment he himself spoke of if he were to ever leave the cave without permission. Un-Wol simply asked the Alliance Chief if he still desired the Black Heaven and Earth Technique. Deciding to negotiate the Alliance Chief states that if he gives him the technique then they will spare Chun-Woo Han, but he must destroy his Ki-Center and lock away his martial arts. Understanding what would be required of him Un-Wol gives his answer by impaling his fingers through his chest into his heart, effectively killing himself. He states that he understands how much the Alliance Chief wants the Black Heaven and Earth Technique, thus, in turn, securing that the only one who knows the technique, Chun-Woo Han, cannot be harmed by them unless they wished to lose the technique forever. Un-Wol then quickly dies of blood loss as Chun-Woo Han screams in shock.[6]

Un-Wol death would leave Chun-Woo bitter, angry and determine to take revenge on the Martial Arts Alliance and to destroy the Murim by destroying the boundaries that separate it from the normal world. Sometime later Ryuji would learn of the death of his master and about Chun-Woo and that would cause him to join the S.U.C. in order to meet Chun-Woo and learn from him how were the final days of their master. Also, the Black Heaven and Earth technique that he taught to Chun-Woo would become the only thing that strengthens Shi-Woon Yi, the student of his student Han, body to handle the Ki that produced by the One Moon Divine Dan. When both of his Disciples finally met their meeting didn't do well.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Real Master Martial Artist (Black Heaven and Earth Style): The dominant martial artist of his generation. Un-Wol was extremely skilled, easily dispatching Jae-Myung Cho, the Iron Fist Munju. He was able to throw him a great distance with relative ease with one arm right before the former was able to react.[6]


Black Heaven & Earth SchoolEdit

Main article: Black Heaven & Earth School

As the Master of the School Un-Wol is believed to have mastered all techniques of the School.

  • Black Heaven and Earth Technique: A special Ki circulation technique which Un-Wol taught to his disciple, Chun-Woo. It is considered the ultimate technique in the Murim world and is the cause of all events in the series due to it's power.[2]
  • Black Origin Threshold (Hyun Wonji Gyung): Is the purest form of the Black Heaven & Earth Technique. The user is granted immense strength, beyond that of normal human capability, at the cost of rational thought. When using this state, Un-Wol was able to defeat and kill a large amount of Murim elders, leaving none alive.[2]
  • Gale Wind Destruction Strike: It's a Ki-strike with a whirlwind-like effect that sends the receiver of this technique flying while whirling around in a spiral pattern. A successful direct attack with this technique is supposed to make the internal organs explode ensuring the death of the target. According to Ryuji, it's the strongest Ki-strike. It's one of the techniques that used to belong to the Black Heaven & Earth School's martial arts and was taught by Un-Wol to Ryuji.[7]
  • Walking Techniques: His walking techniques are unique in that they create air pressure around the user when upon execution. It belongs to the Black Heaven & Earth School's martial arts and was taught by Un-Wol to Ryuji.[7]



  • Master: The relationship between Un-Wol and his master is not known, but his master seemed to trust him to the point of teaching him the Black Heaven and Earth Technique and the Black Origin Threshold instead of his other student.

Fellow DiscipleEdit

  • Former Alliance Chief: They were both students of the same master. It seemed that the former chief held great resentment towards him as Un-wol and not him was chosen by their master to become the successor of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique.


  • Ryuji: Un-Wol's first student. Un-Wol is seen to greatly cared for his first student to the point of draining his Ki so he does not get punished with him. Ryuji, in turn, is shown to greatly loved his master even to the point of him willing to give all the techniques of his school to save him. 
  • Chun-Woo Han: Un-Wol's second and last student and successor of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique.


"Don't forget. One should not be learning martial arts for the sake of controlling others or pride! Using your strength is so you can protect what you believe in." Un-Wol to Chun-Woo.


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