Walking Techniques
Hwan Results
Romanized Hwan Hwan Shin Bo
Other Names Foot Techniques
Lightning Steps
School Various
Clan Various
Classification Offensive
Type Internal
Execution Instantaneous
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 36
Part II Chapter 12 (NW)

Walking Techniques (Hwan Hwan Shin Bo) are internal Ki techniques focused on movement. There are several schools with different kinds of walking techniques.


Walking Techniques are an imperative part of martial arts which includes movements for attacking, defending and offsetting the opponent. 

This is due to the importance of Walking Techniques in martial arts. They are the base of any attack and movement because the possibility of a successful attack mostly depends on the effective use of the Walking Techniques. No matter how strong a fist is, if it cannot connect with the opponent then it becomes useless. That is why foot techniques can be seen as some of the most fundamental techniques.[1]


They are Inner power techniques utilized by matching up the circulating Ki to the ankle and synchronizing the flow of Ki with the physical movement of stepping, to initiate a foot technique.[2][3]

"Learning Walking Techniques will increase his level in martial arts several times."
— Chun-Woo Han about Shi-Woon's skill.


Basic Walking TechniquesEdit

According to Chun-Woo Han there are five basic walking techniques:

  1. Jin (To Advance): Draws the user closer to his opponent. The move is so fast that it appears the practitioner moved toward the opponent instantaneously within the blink of an eye.[3]
  2. Tweh (To Retreat): Allows the user to retreat or create distance between user and opponent. This move is also instantaneously within the blink of eye.[3]
  3. Hweh (To Evade): Allows the user to avoid the opponents attack and gaze. This move allows the practitioner to instantaneously disappear from sight.[3]
  4. Gyuk (To Attack): Attacks the opponent. One cannot just simply use 'Gyuk' however they want. Its a skill that allows the practitioner to read an enemy's foot technique and change its movement to neutralize the opponent.[3] The user reads the opponent's movement and by giving a slight change to that movement he can neutralize it.[4]
  5. Hwan: It is a secret technique that affects the enemy's mind and willpower. This technique creates the effect of the practitioner being in multiple places at once to distract the opponent.[3]

These five techniques seem to be more like a basis for all non-specialized walking techniques.  The amount of Ki and skill they are used with changes them so much they can seem to be completley different techniques.  This can be seen by comparing the usage of Gyuk by Chun-Woo and Jang-Il Jeong to Shi-Woon as well as Chun-Woo's Hwan to Shi-Woon's.

Known UsersEdit

Non-Ki Walking TechniquesEdit

Shi-Woon displayed the use of walking techniques without Ki circulation:

  • Non-Ki Jin: Used against Fattie in order to escape when he was locked.
  • Non-Ki Hweh: Used it against Chang-ho to avoid his attack. When used without Ki the user does not "disappear" but instead rotates fast to evade. This move results in a sprained ankle due to the lack of Ki in the execution.

Pseudo Walking techniquesEdit

There are pseudo walking techniques which are false walking techniques are non-Murim who use imitate of the ones used by Goomoonryong.  They are impressive to non-murim-in but noticeably weaker than the originals technique.  This is shown when Shi-Woon is easily able to overwhelm Chang-Ho who is know for his pseudo walking techniques.  The pseudo walking techniques, used by S.U.C. members, include three basic techniques as shown so far:

  • Pseudo Jin: Looks the same as the Jin and its use is the same but the techniques is different.
  • Pseudo Tweh: Looks the same as the Tweh and its use is the same but the techniques is different.
  • Pseudo Hweh (Ghost Step): Looks the same as the Hweh and its use is the same but the techniques is different.

Known UserEdit

Black Heaven & Earth SchoolEdit

People who are train in Black Heaven & Earth Style are different as they use walking techniques that create a air pressure upon execution. They belong to the martial arts school that Un-Wol represented and were taught to Ryuji.  It is unknown whether the air pressure is a practiced part of the technique or simply a result of the great speed and power. Known User


This includes techniques that are not categorized or are assumed to belong to the Walking Techniques category:

White Rock DojoEdit

Main article: White Rock Dojo
  • Wall Tiger Skill: It is a climbing technique which enhances the ability of a user to step on walls. It is considered a movement technique so it is assumed that it belongs to the category of Walking Techniques.

Known Users


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