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Yae Lee Yang
Yae Lee Yang
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional Info
Occupation Maid
Operates in Café Jino
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 44

Yae Lee Yang is head maid of Café Jino who, along with her friends, often bullied Jin-Ie Kwon, during her short stint working for Café Jino.


Yae Lee Yang is tall woman. She is seen wearing her work clothes a french maid outfit.


Yae Lee is a hard worker who takes her work seriously and dislikes those who don't. She is also very strict as she slapped Jin-Ie when she disrespected Ji-Gun who was a customer and putting salt in his tea instead of sugar.


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Shi-Woon Yi Starts a New Training...!!Edit

She was saved by Jin-Ie Kwon when Ji-Woo Li and S.U.C members attacked the café.

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