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Yu Sa-Ah
Yu Sa-Ah
Age Mid 30s (presumed)
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Martial Arts Alliance
Occupation Protector's Group
Previous Occupation Shi-Woon's Bodyguard
Personal Status
Master Elder Yae-Won
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Artists' Society
Fighting Style Artists' Society Martial Arts
Rank Expert
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 41 (The Breaker)

Yu Sa-Ah is a member of the Martial Arts Alliance Protectors Group. She is often seen near the scenes of notable events, relaying information to the Alliance Elders. She was briefly assigned to Shi-Woon Yi as his undercover bodyguard during the period in which the Martial Arts Alliance was in the process of making a decision regarding Shi-Woon's future (he was to remain untouched until the decision was passed) after the Koa Tower Incident.


Yu Sa-Ah is a woman whose trademark appearance lies in her round eyeglasses and a beauty mark on the lower-left side of her face. She is normally seen in a business jacket and skirt with her hair down, but donned the attire of a nurse while undercover.


She is mostly business-oriented but does seem to, more than her co-workers, enjoy the more interesting events that her job entails such as Goomoonryong's challenge to the Alliance. She also seems to consider her marriage-able status to be an important and sensitive issue, as she stomped a member of the Iron Fist School into the ground while angrily ranting because she was called an "Old Hag".


The BreakerEdit

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Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

Abilities Edit

Expert Martial Artist (Artists' Society Style): Yu Sa-Ah can be presumed to be a high level fighter given her rank within the Martial Arts Alliance. She is also seen easily defeating a member of the Iron Fist School.

Techniques Edit

  • Ki-Whirlwind Technique: Uses the opponent's external force to send the opponent flying.